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Seaport Farmers' Market 

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Photo Credit: Lydon Lynch Architects


Research by: Nicole Brekelmans 

Edited by: Samantha Miller 

Case study compiled in 2019



Project: Seaport Farmers' Market and Green Roof 

Type of Urban Strategy: Permaculture, Sustainable Design, Circular Economy

Type of ProjectFarmers' Market / Post Industrial

LocationHalifax, Nova Scotia

Date Designed/Planned: 2010

Construction Completed: 2012

Designer: Lydon Lynch Architects, Vollick McKee Petersmann & Associates Ltd. and Ange Dean (Land Studio East)


“The Seaport Farmers’ Market is an award-winning, platinum designed ecological showcase on the Halifax Waterfront. The Seaport Farmers’ Market uses 75% less power and 75% less water than a typical market building. Harvesting free natural resources and responding to the seasons, the new Market is one of the most sustainably designed, low energy buildings in North America.” (Lydon Lynch Architects, n.d.)


 The Halifax Seaport Farmers Market is a significant project for the locals and visitors of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The new market showcases multiple sustainable and smart technology systems with the main focus of reducing water and energy consumption during construction and operation. With one of the largest green roofs in Canada, this market is not only functional but also has a strong visual impact making the space become a major tourist attraction within the city and waterfront. The sustainable strategies used within the project include solar heating, greywater systems, and natural ventilation created through the green roof (Nova Scotia, n.d.). The market acts as an effective model for sustainable design through its multiple self-sustaining systems and strategies, and also acts as a space for the community to practice permaculture as well as circular economy through supporting local vendors.

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