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Cycle Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

Photo Credit: UPLAND, and Bicycle Nova Scotia


Research by: Samantha Miller

Edited by: Nicole Brekelmans

Case study compiled in 2019



Project: Cycle Nova Scotia

Type of Urban Strategy: Smart Cities

Type of ProjectActive Transportation

LocationNova Scotia (province-wide)

Date Designed/Planned: 2016

Construction CompletedOngoing

Designer: Bicycle Nova Scotia, UPLAND


Cycle Nova Scotia is a collaborative project with Bicycle Nova Scotia, Tourism Nova Scotia, and UPLAND Studio. The result is a network of bike routes that provide an opportunity for province-wide exploration, on and off route. There is over 3000 km of available biking routes that connect via a web of routes that cross the inside of the province to encourage community connections and tourism. The Route Verte in Quebec inspired the project, and the team works to have visitors and residents to explore Cycle Nova Scotia to encourage active living and active transportation. This project is an excellent example of a project that not only helps to show individuals that there are better ways to explore cities and provinces than driving and flying, but also how the Government of Canada is taking steps to make cycling a primary form of transportation. Specifically as a project relating to smart cities, the project meets the requirements of a smart city because not only is it a method of active-transportation, but the use of apps, pamphlets and graphics helps promote the project and make it easier to access and use by visitors and residents.  This project should be viewed as a precedent for better cycling networks across Canada, beginning with each province.

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