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Granville Island

Vancouver, British Columbia

Photo Credit: DIALOG.


Initial Research by: Jamie Coverini

Edited by: Samantha Miller & Nicole Brekelmans

Case study compiled in 2019



Project: Granville Island 

Type of Urban StrategyIndustrial Landscapes, Circular Economies 

Type of ProjectIndustrial Remediation

LocationVancouver, British Columbia

Date Designed/Planned: 1977

Construction Completed 1979



Granville Island attempts to go one step further than most post-industrial projects by maintaining at least one active industry: Ocean Concrete. This has been accepted as a contributing factor to the overall atmosphere and makes this project significant. However, the lack of residential development on Granville Island has created an isolated area of public amenities, resulting in the space becoming a destination rather than an everyday landscape. It appears as though zoning has limited residential development to border the Island, enforcing that industry and people are not compatible. Integrating industry into these types of developments and places for their blue-collar employees to live, can help battle gentrification and help create mixed-income neighbourhoods. 


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