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Lachine Canal

Montréal, Québec 

Photo Credit: Parks Canada


Initial Research by: Zoe Goldman

Continued Research by: Nicole Brekelmans

Edited by: Samantha Miller

Case study compiled in 2018



Project: Lachine Canal

Type of Urban Strategy: Water  

Type of ProjectWater Canal Revitalization / Recreational Boating 

LocationMontréal, Québec 

Date Designed/Planned: 1997

Construction Completed:  2002

Designer: Parks Canada 


The Canadian Government initiated the revitalization of the Lachine canal in 1974 and partnered with Parks Canada to begin a design starting in 1997. The revitalization of the canal was after its closure for over 30 years due to new road infrastructures and the opening of St. Lawrence Seaway in 1959, allowing for greater lake access. Lachine Canal urban redevelopment focuses on the recreational potential of the space and the operation of the water, with its reopening for small boating in 2002. 


The recreational aspect of the Lachine Canal involved the development of a park and trail providing space and activities for the dense population of the area. The reopening of the canal for recreational boating increased tourism and job opportunities from the additional visitor and service centres constructed at the docks. The revitalization fosters economic development in the areas nearby, more efficient accessibility, and highlights the importance of this historic place.

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