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Olympic Village

Vancouver, British Columbia

Photo Credit: Via Architecture


Initial Research by: Desiree Theriault

Edited by: Samantha Miller & Nicole Brekelmans

Case study compiled in 2017



Project:  Vancouver Olympic Village

Type of Urban StrategyIndustrial Landscapes, Sustainable Design

Type of ProjectRemediation / Sustainable Neighbourhood

LocationVancouver, British Columbia

Date Designed/Planned: 2010

Construction Completed 2014

DesignerVIA Architecture (Urban Planning), Arthur Erickson, and Walter Franci Architecture LTD


Vancouver’s Olympic Village, nestled within the City of Vancouver’s False Creek, has played a vital role in “shifting the city towards a more comprehensive approach to sustainability” (Westerhoff, 2016). In fact, according to the US Green Building Council (USGB), the project has been certified as “The most sustainable neighbourhood in the world’ (Glotman, 2016).


The 14-acre neighbourhood development project houses over 20 buildings that provided a home to over 2,100 athletes of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games (Glotman, 2016). At the end of the Olympics, the project received a new name of ‘The Village’ and contributed a new mixed-use community to the City of Vancouver. The project provides the communities with over 1,100 sustainable residential units, a community centre, community garden, public plaza, multiple schools and three child care centres (Glotman, 2016).


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