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Port Lands Flood Protections and Enabling Infrastructure (PLFPEI)

Toronto, Ontario

Photo Credit: Sidewalk Labs


Initial Research by: Zoe Goldman

Edited by: Samantha Miller & Nicole Brekelmans

Case study compiled in 2018



Project: Port Lands Flood Protection and Enabling Infrastructure 

Type of Urban StrategyWater, Sustainable Design 

Type of ProjectFlood Protection / Sustainable Community 

Location: Toronto, Ontario 

Date Designed/Planned: 2007

Construction Completed:  2023

Designer: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Waterfront Toronto


The Port Lands Flood Protection and Enabling Infrastructure Project (PLFPEI) utilizes innovative green infrastructure that eliminates the flood risk to the area, while simultaneously strengthening the Don River’s habitats and biodiversity. Designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates with Waterfront Toronto, the project provides the Port Lands with the necessary municipal infrastructure to support future residential and commercial development. 


The project enables Toronto to create sustainable, mixed-use communities on previously unavailable land, and reconnect the city to its waterfront. Through the use of resilient city infrastructure, Toronto has the opportunity to create a new global model for sustainable city building and connecting urban communities to the natural environment.


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