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Urban Strategies

Urban design encompasses a wide spectrum of strategies; it is important throughout this research to illustrate the range of approaches taken across the country rather than concentrating on a single design approach or strategy. The case studies have been organized according to the strategy or strategies taken.

In this website, Canadian urban strategies have been organized based upon desired outcomes, overall aims and future visions. The desired outcomes that we are focussing on are all in some ways trying to create “healthier” urban environments. Our understanding of healthier environments includes cleaner, greener, convivial, efficient approaches to urban design.

The distinction between strategies is often subtle, and the web site organization is more about the project’s emphasis, rather than mutually exclusive strategy definitions. Case studies that emphasize different urban strategies may be repeated in the link lists that follow.

Urban strategies may come in several “forms” including master plans, transportation plans, ecological networks, grand designs, action plans, metropolitan plans, strategic urban interventions, neighbourhood designs, park designs, urban plazas, etc. The form of the project should be evident from the combined descriptions in the case study summaries, goals, and context descriptions.

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