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Waterfront Drive

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Photo Credits: Sactliff Miller Murray


Initial research by: Zoe Goldman

Continued research by: Nicole Brekelmans

Edited by: Samantha Miller

Case study compiled in 2018


Project: Waterfront Drive 

Type of Urban Strategy: Water 

Type of ProjectAlternative neighbourhood /  Downtown Revitalization

LocationWinnipeg, Manitoba

Date Designed/Planned: 2000

Construction Completed: 2004

DesignerSactliff Miller Murray, CentreVenture


Waterfront Drive is a project located in Winnipeg’s downtown to revitalize the west bank of the Red River along with Winnipeg’s Exchange District. Established by CentreVenture and Sactliff Miller Murry, the project strives to create a new vision of the downtown waterfront by creating a focal point for new mixed-use development. The development includes commercial, office, and residential. This development brings the attention back to the river and the adjacent Stephen Juba Park allowing it to become a space for the people. 


Waterfront, previously characterized by gravel parking lots and warehouses, now acts as a thriving area for local amenities with a balanced mixture between new construction, historic buildings, and natural features. This project provides a framework for other expanding downtown neighbourhoods or other revitalization projects, displaying the importance of creating dense urban areas at a pedestrian scale. 

(Scatliff Miller Murray, 2001).


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