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Fundy Gateway Master Plan

Lower Truro, Nova Scotia

Photo Credit: UPLAND, and RHAD Architects 


Research by: Nicole Brekelmans 

Edited by: Samantha Miller 

Case study compiled in 2019



Project: Fundy Gateway Master Plan

Type of Urban Strategy: Water  

Type of ProjectTourism Interpretive Centre 

LocationLower Truro, Nova Scotia / Bay of Fundy

Date Designed/Planned: 2015

Construction Completed: 2019 and ongoing

Designer: UPLAND and RHAD Architects 


The Fundy Gateway Master Plan has unique opportunities and design challenges due to its location on the Bay of Fundy, a highly dynamic coastal environment which contains the highest tides on earth. The overall goal of the Gateway Master Plan is to highlight the features of the Bay of Fundy to increase the economic and tourism potential of the site. However, while designing for a tourism hub, water plays a large role in the design and the interactions with space, through recreation, visuals, accessibility, and flooding. 

(UPLAND, n.d.) 


The implementation of pedestrian and cycling access points through trails and bridges provides more connections throughout the space while highlighting active transportation opportunities. Viewing platforms and designing with elevations in mind, provide the site and its visitors with multiple areas to view the Bay of Fundy and the Tidal Bore. Boating and walking tours also provide visitors with further information and experiences within the bay and its unique ecological and historical features. The Flooding is combated through the use of different elevations on the site, as well as dikes and levees. Each design element provides further connection of the site to its water and the coastal phenomenon.  

(UPLAND, & RHAD Architects, n.d, Vol.1)

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