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Yellowknife Harbour Plan

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Photo Credits: Planning Partnership


Research by: Nicole Brekelmans

Edited by: Samantha Miller

Case study compiled in 2019

Project: Yellowknife Harbour Plan

Type of Urban StrategyWater 

Type of ProjectHarbour Redevelopment / City Smart Growth Plan 

LocationYellowknife, Northwest Territories

Date Designed/Planned: 2012

Construction CompletedOngoing

DesignerPlanning Partnership



Yellowknife Harbour Plan is a framework to revitalize the current Harbour bordering the Yellowknife Bay and River. The current harbour relies heavily on the water for recreation, tourism, transportation, and housing for floating homes. However, due to the lack of proper maintenance and zoning, the functions conflict with each other. The Harbour Plan addresses these issues along the waterfront through 6 guiding frameworks; natural heritage, parks/open spaces, trails, arts and culture, harbour uses, and neighbourhoods and districts. The guiding frameworks provide each function with its own space and use of the water through a clear and consistent strategy of zoning and programming. The waterfront provides multiple opportunities for recreation and economic development, and the Harbour Plan allows the harbour and water to be used more efficiently throughout the city of Yellowknife. 

(Planning Partnership, 2012)

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