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Urban Beehive Project

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Photo Credit: Nine Yards Studio


Research by: Samantha Miller

Edited by: Nicole Brekelmans

Case study compiled in 2019



Project: Urban Beehive Project

Type of Urban Strategy: Ecological Infrastructure

Type of ProjectUrban Beekeeping

LocationCharlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Date Designed/Planned: January, 2016

Construction CompletedJune, 2018

Designer: Nine Yards Studio


Designers Murray and Stojak from Nine Yards Studio became interested in urban beekeeping and the idea of designing for interaction, education, and community engagement. Located along the Confederation Trail, beside Charlottetown’s Legacy Garden, the project includes multiple beehive structures designed to attract visitors and educate them on pollinators and beekeeping. The project has become a play structure, a sculpture, a garden as well as a tool for hands-on learning. Urban Beehive Project exemplifies how design can provide community engagement opportunities and education on issues that are happening with the environment to this day. The project successfully captured residents and visitors attention and draws people to the site every day. This project is an excellent example of a design that encourages people to think differently about environmental issues, specifically bees and pollinators.

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