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Nathan Phillips Square Podium Roof Garden 

Toronto, Ontario

Photo Credit: Steven Evans


Initial Research by: Jiaqi Yi

Continued Research by: Nicole Brekelmans

Edited by: Samantha Miller

Case study compiled in 2019



Project: Nathan Phillips Square Podium Roof Garden

Type of Urban StrategyGreen Cities 

Type of ProjectGreen Roof 

LocationToronto, Ontario 

Date Designed/Planned: 2007

Construction Completed:  2010

Designer: Plant Architect Inc.


Nathan Phillips Square Podium Roof Garden is on top of Toronto’s City Hall in downtown Toronto, at 100 Queen Street West. The roof can be accessed from the ramp on the east side of Nathan Phillips Square, and from behind City Hall by taking the stairs near the intersection of Elizabeth and Hagerman street. From concrete to living garden, the podium roof is now a public green roof garden. As an attractive destination in the heart of the city, people can enjoy unique views of downtown from the roof garden with new gardens, courtyards, terraces, furniture and walkways.

Moreover, the project serves as the flagship green roof project for the City of Toronto, catalyzing Toronto’s Green Roofs Strategy – Making Green Roofs Happen (February 2006), which is to demonstrate leadership by installing green roofs on City-owned facilities.


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