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Toronto Central Waterfront

Toronto, Ontario

Photo Credit: West 8


Initial Research by: Desiree Theriault

Edited by: Samantha Miller & Nicole Brekelmans

Case study compiled in 2017



Project: Toronto Central Waterfront

Type of Urban StrategyWater 

Type of ProjectRiver Walk / Promenade Plaza 

LocationToronto, Ontario 

Date Designed/Planned: 2006

Construction Completed 2011

DesignerWest 8, DTAH


Toronto Central Waterfront began as a response to the complexities of past development on the waterfront edge. The rift between the water's edge and downtown Toronto continued to push the diverse neighbourhoods of Toronto away from one of its most majestic assets - Lake Ontario. 


The dramatic re-development of Toronto's Waterfront marks a pivotal point in Toronto's social, historical, cultural, and economic movements. The Central Waterfront project, funded in 2006 by Toronto Waterfront and the City of Toronto, provides the adhesive to create a visually cohesive, aesthetically pleasing and public-oriented downtown. This project not only activates the surrounding downtown landscape, but also the Lake of Ontario's water edge.

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