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Regina City Square

Regina, Saskatchewan

Photo Credit: Cohlmeyer


Research by: Samantha Miller

Edited by: Nicole Brekelmans

Case study compiled in 2019



Project: Regina City Square

Type of Urban Strategy: Smart Cities 

Type of ProjectUrban Plaza / Transit Planning 

LocationRegina, Saskatchewan

Date Designed/Planned: 2009

Construction Completed2012

Designer: Cohlmeyer Architecture & Cynthia Cohlmeyer Landscape Architect


The Regina City Urban Square was designed by Cohlmeyer Architecture and Cynthia Cohlmeyer Landscape Architect, for the City of Regina. The public plaza intends to bring people together for civic functions and public events, and everyday leisure and transportation. The design incorporates flexible transportation infrastructure, allowing the square to be closed off to vehicular transit when there are events. This project is an excellent example of a city taking a significant step toward making spaces that are pedestrian-oriented, safe and accessible for all. The project features sculptural lighting for events, functions, and safety, as well as outdoor rooms that can be used for leisure. The construction phase brought unforeseen problems, forcing the design and construction team to adapt and move forward with the goals of the project. The plaza now hosts several events annually, such as the Regina Folk Festival, Jazz Festival, and Farmers’ Market.

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